Image of Frascogna IP Services. A unique blend of law firm and ad agency. We admit it. We're kinda odd, but we're also totally cool with it. We are pleased to offer the following unique blend of services to our clients. LEGAL: Contracts, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Licensing, Corporate Formation, 501c(3) Formation. BUSINESS: Business Plans, Publishing Deals, Distribution, Fund Raising, Brand Management, Presentation Strategy. CREATIVE: Video Production, Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development, App Development, Social Media Management.

We are constantly looking to find or create intellectual property opportunities for ALL of our clients. Such opportunities can serve as the ultimate rocket fuel for the growth of a business and we employ a 4-phase approach to take full advantage.



Virtually everyone possesses valuable intellectual property, but you have to know how to spot it. Fortunately, we have an eye for that and issue a full report for your review.



The creative process can be thrilling, but timelines and budgets must be professionally crafted and monitored to keep your IP project on a path to profitability.



Your IP doesn’t make you any money sitting on the shelf collecting dust. We find creative ways to put it on the playing field so it adds dollars to your bottom line.



If your IP is worth creating then it is certainly worth protecting. We use tools like copyrights, trademarks, and patents to keep your IP firmly under your control.